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Language is a platform that facilitates individuals’ interaction with different communities and cultures and impacts the depth of their understanding. All students need strong language skills to develop their personal, cognitive, social, and cultural identities and appreciate different perspectives through the acquisition and expression of language. SPS believes in providing students with opportunities for language development to foster multiculturalism.


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” – Warren Bennis

SPS provides opportunities for every student to develop leadership competencies to align with the school’s vision of empowering every child. The Investiture ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers of Upper Primary and High School wings. Donning the mantle of accountability, they also pledge to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities as we believe that the child-centric approach will frame a responsible citizen. Building resilience and self-confidence in a student cannot be achieved in a day as it is a process; it requires patience and time but every effort we take, we are sure will eventually groom them to be a global leader.


SPS Clubs: Unfolding skills

SOWMA PUBLIC SCHOOL Clubs provide the opportunity for students to share their precious experience in organizing club activities at various levels. This excellent platform for students enables them to work in groups with specific activity objectives to unveil their latent talents. Their participation in these activities helps them develop leadership qualities, build self-confidence and team spirit, augment group dynamics, healthy competitive spirit, and indirectly prepare them for a bold future. Each club is headed by student club secretaries who are nominated by the staff selection council.

One of our most active clubs is our Interact Club sponsored by the Lions Club. The president and student Interactors are officially nominated and take the oath of office to carry out meaningful community service. The club does projects to serve the community which permeates international understanding and goodwill among students. Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of,

  • Developing leadership skills and personal integrity
  • Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others
  • Understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work Inculcating international-mindedness.



No knowledge of the world at large is complete without actually traveling, observing, and experiencing the diversity of people, places, and cultures. Learning opportunities beyond classrooms are assured through national and international educational tours at SOWMA PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Our students have had fabulous opportunities to travel all over India as well as foreign countries for student exchange programs. The professionally organized trips offer the best places of educational value, historical and industrial interests, national monuments, heritage spots, and entertainment zones for a new learning ambiance under the direction of responsible faculty members. This exposure renders students the chance to an informal learning environment, gain new perspectives, build closer bonds with their classmates, experience a new environment, and enjoy a day away from the classroom.


Sporting activity at Sowma Public School forms an inseparable part of student life. Apart from boosting essential physical activity and exercise, it gives them the joy of participation, the thrill of competing, and the opportunity for leadership and team spirit. All-embracing infrastructure has been made available for the convenience of our students who wish to participate in any sporting event. In fact, every student takes part in one sport or the other and extensive coaching is given for them to acquire proficiency in the game of their choice.

Students are segregated into four houses namely Alphard House, Canopus House, Diadem House, and Plasma House. Intra-mural games and sports are conducted to promote healthy competitions among the four houses where the adrenaline is gushed up as they take part in all events energetically. The annual Sports Day is always a star-studded event in the annuals of SOWMA PUBLIC SCHOOL where the champions of our school look forward to celebrating their achievements.

Students are also encouraged to take part in inter-school competitions and staff members are delegated to guide and accompany the teams for tournaments at the District, State, and National levels. It is a matter of pride that SOWMA PUBLIC SCHOOL students regularly emerge victorious in several events such as skating, swimming, athletics, etc.

To hone the sporting skills of the SOWMA PUBLIC SCHOOL campus, specialized coaching is offered in various sports, games, and martial arts such as Athletics, Table, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Chess, Skating, Archery, Yoga, Aerobics, etc.